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Market Development
Market Development by Bad robot

With Bad Robot, we prospect on behalf of your business. We then deliver qualified leads to your inbox daily.
We offer B2B Market Development services. Our core services are lead generation, appointment setting, and call-down campaigning.
Spend more time closing, with Bad Robot.

Sales Lead Generation
B2B Lead Generation by Bad Robot

Leads acquired by Sales Lead Generation means our agents acquire leads for you by informing the prospect about your product or services. After that, we qualify them and confirm that they are willing to speak with one of your representatives within a specified time frame.
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Appointment Setting
Appointment Setting by Bad robot

B2B Appointment Setting acquires leads by first identifying whether the contact is a realistic prospect for your company. As a result, our agents schedule the prospect into a sales appointment with your sales team. Because of this, we keep your sales diaries full.
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About Bad Robot Market Development

We established Bad Robot Market Development in 2013. This was as a result of necessity. We had been looking for companies to offer a lead generation and appointment setting service to us. There were not many professional and proficient companies offering these services. So, we decided to do it ourselves. Our clients are not just in South Africa, but global. We have grown to be one of the top 3 B2B market development companies in South Africa. We have expanded our service offering to include other critical services. These are CRM management, CRM data import / export, and website lead tracking.

Get in touch with Bad Robot

Please feel free to contact us on any of the below channels. Give us a call, pop us an email, chat to us online here, or via social media. We would like to see how we can assist you grow your pipeline, like we have done for our many other clients. You can also signup directly online right now, for our two core services.

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