B2B Appointment Setting

B2B Appointment Setting Marketing by Bad Robot SA

B2B Appointment Setting market development service acquires leads by first identifying whether the contact is a realistic prospect for your company.

Firstly, we start off with the target. Either a target business vertical. Or specific list of prospect businesses, or specific individuals at that business.
If you do not have a list data records to target, we also provide these at an additional fee. We provide data records by vertical, by industry, by business size, and target by position in the company.

Secondly, you provide us with your sales pitch. Remember, this is a pitch for an appointment, not a pitch for the product or service you offer. You will never close a service deal on the first call with a prospect.
So your pitch should note the proposed benefits your service or product offers. For example, cost saving, time savings, increased efficiency etc.
If you would like us to tailor make a an appointment pitch for your specific product or service, we do offer this, at an additional fee. See B2B Appointment Setting pricing for more info.

Once we have qualified the prospect from your target list, and pitched for an appointment, if the prospect agrees, we then schedule them into a sales appointment with one of your team.
Depending on which B2B Appointment Setting package you choose, we either add the appointment to your rep’s shared calendar, or directly into the CRM we provide access to on our higher end plans.

B2B Appointment Setting – We do the heavy lifting. You get the reward.

At the end of the day this means we take all the hard prospecting work out of equation. You and your team keep your sales diaries full, and spend more time on closing the deal.
We offer various B2B Appointment Setting plans tailored to various sized businesses and sales teams. So each plan is designed to give you the most bang for your buck, and return on invested marketing spend.

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