Lead Generation B2B

Lead Generation B2B - Sales & Marketing Services by Bad Robot SA

Lead Generation B2B services mean our agents acquire leads for you by informing the prospect about your product or services. After that, we qualify them and confirm that they are willing to speak with one of your representatives within a specified time frame.

Our Lead Generation B2B service we again firstly start off with who your target customer is. You either provide us with data records targeting specific verticals, industries, businesses or specific individuals. Or we supply you with targeted data which we use to prospect on your behalf. If we supply data records, we charge an additional fee for that. You will find this in the pricing page.

Once we know who the target is, we then move onto the pitch.
You can give us the pitch you would like used when we are prospecting for leads for your product or service. Or if you do not have a pitch, or need assistance, we develop a custom pitch for you. We charge an additional fee for this.

Lead Generation B2B

When we get down to the nitty gritty of canvassing your prospects with your pitch, the prospects we have qualified and show interest, we then hand over to your team to follow up on. We either send these through on email daily, or immediately, depending on what plan you are on. We also create the lead and assign to one of your team from within the CRM we provide – this is if you are on one of our Lead Generation B2B plans that include CRM.

There is no magical way we create leads for your business from thin air.
You should be weary of companies that offer services which promise to give you immediate leads at the click of a button. Data records are not leads.

When we say leads, we mean qualified leads, not data records. The leads we pass on to you have been qualified to be in your targeted vertical and /or targeted industry. Our Lead Generation B2B services makes sure your prospects are within the businesses size you are targeting. We also target the correct individual by position or job title that you specify. Additionally, we canvass your prospects for interest in your product or service. Only then do we hand it over to you as a lead. This is our definition of qualified.

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