About Bad Robot Market Development

About Bad Robot Market Development Services
First of all, welcome!
We are happy that you found us! Soon you will be happy you did to!
Our team prospects on behalf of your business. We then and deliver qualified leads to your inbox daily. Or directly to your CRM, if you have selected this option.
Our B2B marketing services include our core services, lead generation and appointment setting. We also offer call-down campaigning, and general sales prospecting. New services include CRM management. But also CRM data imports / exports, and website lead tracking.
As a result of the above, your sales diaries are fuller. Your pipeline is larger.
So likewise, you get to spend more time closing deals.
Close more, with Bad Robot.
Market Development – Our journey

We established Bad Robot Market Development in 2013. This was as a result of necessity. We had been looking for companies to offer the services we need. Like lead generation and appointment setting. Firstly, for example, there were not many professional companies offering these services. They were also not proficient and skilled enough. So subsequently, we decided to do it ourselves. Noteworthy too, is that our clients are not just in South Africa, but global. We have grown to be one of the top 3 B2B marketing companies in South Africa. We have expanded our service offering to include other critical services. These are CRM management. CRM data import / export. Website lead tracking.

Above all, we spend most of our time on the following noteworthy services:

Lead Generation
Appointment Setting
Call Down Campaigns
Market Development
CRM Management
CRM Data Set Imports
Influencer Marketing

To clarify, Wikipedia defines lead generation as the initiation of consumer interest into products or services of a business.
Similarly, leads can be created for purposes of list building. Or for e-newsletter list acquisition. Or for sales leads.
So, the methods for generating leads typically firstly may fall under the umbrella of advertising. But may also include non-paid sources such as organic search engine results. Or referrals from existing customers.

In conclusion what we offer is not the direct B2B marketing. Therefore, we directly target businesses you specify. Or verticals, or specific individuals you specify.