B2B Lead Generation & B2B Appointment Setting

Terms & Conditions

We do not provide any guarantees regarding the following relating to the services we offer:
– Appointment or lead quantity or quality
– Generated sales revenue (turnover) or profit as a result of the leads or appointments we provide.
– The quantity of leads / appointments advertised per price plan, is the target number we aim to achieve, within the price range, and the confines of the project.
– Quantity and quality of leads/appointments is severely and directly impacted by the quality of the pitch provided, and whether the service or product offered is being pitched to the correct individual, with the correct company position, and whether the targeted prospects match the solution/service/product offered.
– A very low close rate of calls made to leads gained/ appointments set, 20% or less, indicates that there is a problem with any or all of the following:
1) the pitch
2) the targeted companies
3) the targeted company position/title
4) the industry
5) the geographic location
6) the target company size

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